I couldn't pee standing up...
dat ass
If I were to lose an eye. I'd rock an eyepatch however.

I would also rock a penis, but it's easier to lose an eye than it is to grow a penis.

Here they come, like hookers on the wind...
thumbs down
This entire year is leading up to my death, methinks.

It's going to be most unfortunate.

I pimp things. ROLL BITCHES ROLL

Baby why you gotta be so cold?
smoke it up
So if some one calls you "PHAT" it means you're cool, right?

I just changed Faggot into Phaggot... so it's no longer an insult.

What's up, phaggots?

I'm full of paper cuts
I have pockets filled with them.

Also; I found my Renascence costume. I think I'll go rob a bank.

There was blood on my boots
When I got home from work today.

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the demolished hippy outside on my lawn.

I should really keep those boots in the closet from now on.

I peed myself D:
smoke it up
It was shameful, but likely to happen because I'm a Sailboat.

Back to diggin' around in the Boneyard!


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